Diet Food Delivery

If you have never heard of this way of dieting before, you might wonder what on Earth diet food delivery actually is. Well, it's a highly convenient means of getting all of your diet meals delivered to your home so you don't have to cook them or prepare them yourself.

The idea behind it is to save a lot of time and effort, which makes this kind of diet system very desirable for people who lead busy lives and who have very little spare time. So let's take a closer look at what this is all about.

Meals Delivered to Your Home

diet food deliveryThe major and probably most convenient side of diet food delivery plans is that all the meals that you will need are packaged up by the diet company and shipped to your home in a package that will last for anywhere from a week to a month. This frees you from having to go to the store to buy any special foods, which in itself is a time and effort saver.

Then it frees you from having to go to the trouble of preparing special meals and also from cooking them yourself. Most meals are easily reheated in the microwave, saving you further time and hassle.

Lastly, you don't have to concern yourself with measuring food portions or counting those elusive calories. This is also done for you in a meal plan that is both structured and nutritionally balanced while being low in calories.

Who Provides Diet Meal Delivery Plans?

There are several major companies that provide these highly convenient and easy to use diet plans. Probably the best known are Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig. You can often read good reviews of these and other dieting programs online, such as this excellent Nutrisystem information site: Of course you can also read about these programs right here.

I have compiled some thoroughly researched and info-packed review articles on Medifast and Nutrisystem that you can read by clicking on those links to get a better appreciation of what they are all about. These two generally provide a month supply of meals that cover breakfast, lunch and evening meal that also includes a dessert as well as low calorie snack bars that you can eat between meals if you get hungry.

Other companies, such as eDiets and Bistro MD provide a week long menu. The length of time is restricted by the fact that they produce the meals fresh to order and ship them either frozen of stored in chill packs.

You store at home in the freezer or in the fridge as per instructions. The quality of the meals is generally much higher than Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig, but you have to pay more for them. Other companies include Diet-to-Go and the Sonoma Diet among others.

How Well Do These Diets Work?

These dieter's plans actually work very well for the people they were designed to help. They fit in with busy schedules and free up the dieter's time because they require no planning, preparation or cooking. They allow dieters to lose weight without too much effort and this is their strongest selling point.

The only downside to this way of dieting is that the meals may not be to everyone's tastes. Some people don't like processed foods which you do get from jenny Craig and Nutrisystem, while others simply don't like reheating meals no matter how good they were before they were frozen or chilled prior to shipping.

If you are fussy about what you eat, you are better off working with a more conventional diet that you prepare and cook yourself. That way you get better quality from home cooked meals and you know exactly what went into the meals.

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