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It's no great secret that dieting is the No1 preferred method of losing weight among the overweight population who are keen on changing the way they look. In response to this great need by such a large percentage of the population, the weight loss industry has brought us a plethora of diets to appeal to a wide range of people and to satisfy a diverse collection of personal needs and lifestyle choices.

Even so, a great many people are still somewhat confused at the alarmingly large array of different diets to choose from and often become petrified into inaction by the overwhelming choice before them.

It is with this problem in mind that we have put together this overview guide to the popularly available weight loss diets to enable readers to make comparisons between them and hopefully find on that resonates with their own needs so that they can go on to read our full blown reviews of those selected diet programs.

What is the Right One for You?

There is not much point in diving in and signing up with a certain dieting program if you have no idea what their particular brand of diet entails. You could end up with a program that turns out to be unsuitable for your needs or personal tastes if you are unlucky, or a great one that's perfect for you if you are lucky!

So it makes sense to find out as much about it as you can before making the final decision that it is indeed the right diet for you. The best way to do this is to read some online reviews and get customer as well as expert opinions, but this leaves you with the problem of how you can tell the best diet reviews from the ones that are no use to you.

Well, that is not as difficult as it seems. Most bad reviews will be pretty obvious to you from the get go. That's because all they will do is harp on about how great the diets are and only tell you about the good points, which is what you can see for yourself on their television and magazine ads.

Having the Convenience to Choose

On the other hand, good reviews will compare the diets and highlight both good and bad points to give you a balanced view on what you can expect when you sign up for the one of their diet plans that best suits you personally. For instance, in our article that covers the benefits of reviewing Nutrisystem, we highlight some of the aspects of the diet that become evident only upon reading reviews.

A little useful knowledge can go a long way in helping you to determine whether a diet is right for you. So make sure you research your chosen diet well before buying and you will enrich your experience with the diet. Not only that, but you will be far more successful at losing weight when you know what you are getting into.

So take a look down the list of diets and see if any grab your attention. We have provided a handy link direct to the full review of each diet in the sub heading.


America's No1 diet food delivery company probably needs no introduction as this is one you will doubtless have already heard much about on the TV and in promotional commercials for the program. While the company, which has been providing great diets since the 1970s likes to use high profile celebrity spokespeople to promote their product, the diet plans are aimed squarely at regular folks who need to lose weight but need this level of convenience and ease of use to make them start their own diets.

Jenny Craig

Main rival to Nutrisystem, JC is owned by the Swiss Nestle group and provides a wide range of diet programs with customizable meal plans that sent to their customers' homes. Their prices are higher than Nutrisystem while the core makeup and overall quality of the meals is comparable, although they have come out on top in a number of recent quality trials.

As with Nutrisystem, you choose the diet plan most suitable for your personal circumstances and then accept the delivery terms to have your meals shipped to your home. There is good online and telephone support and counselling if you need it.


There is one of the biggest rivals to Nutrisystem in the area of diet meal delivery after Jenny Craig. They offer a similar product that is customizable and flexible with a wide choice of meals in their core menu to suit most tastes. With less advertising clout as the big two, Medifast makes up for the shortfall with a strong promotional ace in the hole with the backing of no less than 20,000 doctors who are happy to recommend this diet to their patients.

Their plans are based on eating 5-6 small meals each day, with the basic theory that eating little and often helps boost the metabolism and more calories are therefore burned than would be if you restricted yourself to eating just the standard three meals a day.


This is a diet delivery company that provides diet plans that last one week at a time. The meals are much higher quality than Nutrisystem, JC or Medifast as they are all freshly prepared by their in house chefs, chilled and shipped to customers in cooler bags to be stored in the fridge at home. There are no processed meals or freeze dried rice or pasta dishes that typify the Big Three diet company diet plans.

The diet menu is varied and comes with a very good choice for customers. One of the advantages of ordering one week at a time is that you get to change your menu frequently. This is useful if you find a particular meal that you didn't like, you can make sure you don't order it again. Another obvious advantage is that you can cancel if you don't believe it is right for you or your circumstances change and it become financially uneconomical.

Bistro MD

With diet plans similar in structure to eDiets, Bistro MD also provides high end quality meals that are chef prepared, cooked and then frozen for transport to customer homes. These need to be stored in a domestic freezer, but as they only cover up to seven days, they take up very little space.

What Now?

That is a sample of the kind of diet reviews we will be providing here. We will be adding to this list of diet plan overviews on this page as we review them and publish our full reviews.

Please call back if a diet you are interested in is not currently covered here as we may well be in the process of assessing and researching it for future inclusion.

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