Simply Losing Weight

There is a pretty good saying that many people who are trying to lose weight could really do with including in their daily mantras, which is "keep it simple." Simple methods of shedding those unwanted excess pounds always seem to have a more successful effect than do the more complex methods for many people.

There are plenty of really good reasons why simplicity beats complexity any day of the week.

When you use the simple ways to lose weight, you put yourself in a position where you are not under undue stress to complete the strategy that you are using, because it is easy to work with. If you have never considered this option to help you lose that weight, then here are a few things that you might like to think about making use of.

Be Aware of What You Consume

We consume all manner of unhealthy things throughout the day and getting a grip on that side of our lives can lead us to making simple yet effective changes that can make a huge difference to our weight over time.

One of the simplest ways of helping our body to lose weight has to be drinking water instead of all the flavored, sugared and additive laden drinks that advertisers are forever trying to ram down our unhealthy throats. Consuming too much sugar (sucrose) or sugar substitutes like high fructose corn syrup is one of the main causes of weight gain in modern times.

Our bodies have a hard time dealing with so much sugar and the end result is we store most of it as visceral fat around the body, but mainly in the belly. When you cut out these unhealthy and unnecessary drinks, you cut out a lot of the excess sugar!

Another simple but effective change is switching your diet away from processed, additive laden junk food and packaged, ready meals you buy at the store. Instead, go for eating more fresh ingredients like fresh vegetables, fish and healthy, grass-fed meats that you prepare and cook yourself. The way to go is to make dieting easy on yourself where mealtimes are still enjoyable because the food tastes so great.

Remember home cooked meals? Your parents or grandparents grew up healthy on them and not kind of convenience foods that are so prevalent today. So can you and your family, because if it was good enough for them, it's good enough for you too.


If exercising seems like hard work to you, then simplify it. Just getting out the house and going for a brisk walk in the fresh air can do wonders for improving your mood and getting you to burn some extra energy while you are about it. You also get the benefit of the extra oxygen and natural daylight, which naturally lifts your mood.

If you don't like the idea of exercising, there are lots of alternatives to the generally thought of work out regimes. Why not try swimming instead, for example? Its fun, easy to do and a great way to stay active and exercise your muscles without it even feeling like exercise!

There are so many simple things you can do to help yourself to lose more weight than all the complex things that are probably failing you right now. So make the change to the simple life and succeed!

Losing Weight is a Mental State

It may surprise some people to learn that a big part of losing weight is actually in the mind and the way you think can really have a big effect on how your diet and exercise routines work for you. There is a real mental weight loss aspect to this process that depends on whether you think positively or negatively and not just about your attempt to lose weight but everything that comes into your thoughts.

If that sounds a little too much like we're getting into the realms of the not-so-easily-believable, then hopefully by reading these paragraphs, you will gain a better understanding of what is really going on in the place that you probably don't even consider all that much. Your brain, or more correctly, your mind!

Mind Controls Body

It makes logical sense when you think about it because your thoughts do control to a certain extent how your body behaves. After all, it is your brain that maintains your body's normal functions like keeping your heart beating and your lungs breathing in air and your digestive system dealing with everything your eat and drink.

Everything that your body does is controlled by your mind and your mind is guided to some extent by your mental state or the predominant emotional state that you are in. How else do you think it works?

So it follows that the same brain can also influence how you gain or lose weight by acting on those bodily processes depending on whether you are being positive or negative about them.

Positive or Negative

When you're in a negative mental attitude for most of the time, that mental state is transferred to your body and actually suppresses it in its functions. That includes the way in which is digests your food and metabolizes what you consume.

A negative aspect results in a less efficient metabolizing which results in more fat being stored around your body because your body is not utilizing the excess energy as well as it could do.

One the flip side, by maintaining a positive mental state for most of the time, you are actually boosting your body's metabolism. That leads to better processing of the things you consume and a greater use of the energy derived from it, leading to less fat being stored. Also, by avoiding distractions while you eat and staying focused on enjoying each meal, you are helping your digestive system to do its job mroe effcetively every time.

So be positive about everything and you will find that your brain takes the predominantly positive spin-off by working positively on your body to keep it in better shape. When you keep it simple to lose weight and maximize the efforts of your diet and exercises, you go a long way to helping yourself achieve the weight you want to be.

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